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Concert Flutes

Abell Grenadilla Handmade Professional Flute: serial #3X, grenadilla headjoint, body, and footjoint, A=442, closed hole, offset G, C foot, sterling silver mechanism and tenon fittings. This remarkable flute offers the best of both worlds—the rich, dark, complex timbre found only in a grenadilla instrument with the accuracy of pitch and quick response usually only seen in a silver counterpart. Its mechanism feels very solid and fluid, and pads have been very recently serviced by a flute technician, putting this flute in performance-ready condition. This flute is perfectly paired with Abell grenadilla headjoint #7X, featuring their modern "standard" embouchure style cut, and greatly attributes to this flute's ease of response and snappy articulation, making this versatile instrument suitable for both large and small ensemble work and a variety of styles of music. The French style case and case cover are also in excellent condition. $9,970 Now reduced to $8,000 Photos


Powell Handmade Custom Professional Flute: serial 13XXX, 2007, solid silver headjoint, body, footjoint, and keys, offset G, B foot with gizmo, open hole, French pointed key arms, soldered tone holes, modern Powell scale, A=442, C# trill key. This beautiful, exceptionally crafted flute is nothing less than a joy to play. Its very responsive and full sound would blend well in an ensemble setting yet allow its owner to shine as a soloist. The Powell headjoint allows great flexibility with beautiful undertones at any dynamic. It is in pristine condition with no dents, dings, or scratches, and the Straubinger pads are in nearly new condition, giving any player years of virtually maintenance-free playing. This gem of a flute will not disappoint. $9,950 Ready to sell at $7,000  Photos Trial


Haynes Professional Flute: serial #48XXX, 1989, commercial model, solid silver head, body, footjoint, and keys, 0.016 tubing, open hole, inline G, B foot with gizmo, Deveau scale, new Straubinger pads. This flute has that "classic" Haynes sound—warm, rich, dark, and undeniably beautiful. Its headjoint is slightly resistant but predictable, so a flutist can feel secure while playing.The new Straubinger pads give a great feel to this flute and will offer many years of music making. It has been well-maintained, including the case and Altieri case cover. $3,965 Photos Trial


(Sold) Muramatsu AD Professional Flute: solid silver including mechanism, inline G, B foot with gizmo, drawn tone holes, French pointed arms, Tsubasa headjoint, recently repadded and adjusted. This amazing flute has been very well-maintained and is in excellent mechanical condition. It has been recently serviced and plays with a very light touch. The Tsubasa headjoint paired with this flute body allows for power, projection, effortless articulation, and beautifully tapered phrases. Its tone is colorful and unique, and would be a treasured flute for any player. Priced to sell, this flute is one you don't want to miss. Price now lowered to $3,600 Photos Trial


Yamaha 774H Professional Flute: Solid silver including keys, EC cut headjoint, offset G, B foot with gizmo, split E, French pointed arms, open hole. This flute has been lightly played, recently serviced, and will play just like a new flute right out of the case. The mechanism is fluid and even, and the EC headjoint offers just the right amount of resistance and flexibility. This flute comes with a French style case and leatherette Yamaha carrying case. $4,000 Now $3,500 Photos Trial


Haynes Professional Flute: serial #196XX, 1948, handmade model, solid silver headjoint with winged encouchure, body, footjoint, and keys, inline G, B foot, A=440, soldered tone holes, open hole, French pointed key arms, C# trill key. This lovely handmade flute plays securely and confidently. It has been fully serviced and adjusted to play with a light touch. The unique winged embouchure assists wind stream direction for a sweet, round and projecting warm sound. $3,995 Now reduced to $2,995! Photos Trial


Pearl Elegante 795 with David Williams Headjoint: solid silver body, footjoint, silver plated keys, inline G, B foot with gizmo, pinless mechanism. Williams headjoint is sterling silver with 14K gold riser. This flute plays exquisitely, with efforless response, a full, rich projecting tone, and fluid mechanism. The combination of this headjoint, offering just the right amount of resistance and response, and this flute body makes for a very enjoyable playing experience. This flute was recently serviced and adjusted, and the pads seal well. $2,800  Photos Trial


Yamaha 584 Flute: Silver EC cut headjoint, silver plated body and keys, open hole, French pointed arms, inline G, B foot with gizmo, C# trill key. Recently serviced and plays like a new flute; pads in very good condition; flute has a nice, projecting tone and tapers easily; Photos coming soon! $1,800 Trial


Pearl 761 Flute: solid silver headjoint, body, footjoint, and silver plated keys, offset G, split E, open hole, B foot with gizmo. This flute is in top condition with no tarnish, and has a very stable feeling mechanism. It is enjoyable and easy to play, with a pleasing tone. $1,400 Photos Trial


Pearl PF 761 Quantz Flute: solid silver headjoint, silver body and footjoint with silver plated keys, B foot with gizmo, inline G, Y pointed arms. This flute has been lightly played and is in like-new condition. No tarnish, dings, or dents can be seen, and the pads have very little wear. This flute is free-blowing, projects easily, and has a pleasing tone. Scales and arpeggios are a joy to play on this flute and the low register speaks readily. $1,250 Photos Trial


Gemeinhardt 3SS Flute: solid silver including keywork, inline G, open hole, B foot with gizmo. This flute is a very lovely older model that has been finely crafted and well-cared for by its adult owner. This flute was recently serviced, plays wonderfully, and has a sweet, lyrical tone. $1,100 Now reduced to $900! Photos Trial


E.L. DeFord Flute: solid silver headjoint, body, footjoint, silver plated keys, open hole, Y arm key cups, inline G, B foot with gizmo. This older instrument was finely crafted and is in very good condition; it is a nicely playing, solid-feeling instrument. The headjoint's tone can be best described as dark, full, round and warm despite being a lighter thinwall model. This instrument just received a repad so the pads are in new, unplayed condition but may need a small adjustment as the flute is played again and the pads settle, which is typical. $850 Photos Trial


(Sold) Di Zhao Flute: solid silver handcut headjoint, open hole, B foot with gizmo, split E, offset G, model DZ-400. This flute is very easy and enjoyable to play. Pads are in very good, well-maintained condition, show no wear, and was recently adjusted. Although not as well-known as some other brands, these flutes are finely crafted, sound wonderful, and have a fluid mechanism. $900


Miyazawa MS95 Flute: solid silver headjoint, plated body, keys, and footjoint, offset G, closed hole, C foot. This adult-owned, well-maintained instrument has an alluring tone that projects nicely. It plays seamlessly from one register to another, and is a solid, versatile instrument. $850 Photos Trial


Gemeinhardt 3SHB Flute: solid silver headjoint with gold plated lip plate, inline G, open hole, B foot with gizmo. This flute was just serviced by a flute technician and is in top playing condition. The pads show some wear but still have plenty of life left and seal well, and overall it is in very good cosmetic condition. $700 Photos Trial





(Sold) Emerson Boston Legacy Ironwood Piccolo: ironwood body and headjoint, silver plated keys, conical bore, bubble style headjoint. This well-cared for instrument is in excellent condition. The silver plated mechanism looks new, the grain of the ironwood is rich and tight, and the pads have plenty of life left. This piccolo plays easily and has a sweet but warm, dark sound that readily projects, ideal for concert band, wind ensembles, and orchestral playing. This piccolo comes with a French style case and Emerson carrying case. $1,850 Now $1,350


(Sold) Pearl Grenaditte Piccolo: model PFP-105, G button offset to improve ergonomics. This piccolo is in new condition and has only been played and play tested a handful of times. As expected, it is in mint, pristine condition, has no blemishes or signs of wear, and the pads are brand new. This model is very desirable for a player looking for a piccolo that sounds like grenadilla without the upkeep, someone who needs to play piccolo in a variety of condition and settings, or a serious player who wants a good-sounding, dependable instrument on a budget. The Pearl pinless mechanism will provide years of trouble-free dependability. This piccolo comes with a French style carrying case and case cover. $850




Alto and Bass Flutes

(Sold) Jupiter diMedici Alto Flute: model 1200, now 1217ES, solid silver headjoint (straight), silver plated body, footjoint, and keys, French pointed key arms, split E. This barely used instrument has only been played a handful of times and is in pristine, like-new condition. The handcut silver headjoint has a rich tone with a quick response for an alto and would be ideal for any serious flutist or jazz doubler needing a top rate alto flute at a discounted price. This alto comes with a French style case (with room for a curved headjoint) and stylish case cover. $1,700




(Sold) Brannen Silver Flute Headjoint: Solid silver .925 headjoint and silver lip plate with 14k gold riser. This headjoint features the Modern Cooper cut. It is flexible and articulate and offers great projection and ease of response, with a warm and rich tone. $1,250 Now $1,150


(Sold) Altus Silver Flute Headjoint: classic cut .925 sterling silver headjoint, silver lip plate and riser. This handmade headjoint is responsive and colorful, offering easy articulation. Its tone is sweet and projecting, and would be a wonderful upgrade for a flutist looking to change their sound with a silver headjoint without buying a new flute. $725 Now $600